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Calendario Perazza 2019: sport, culture and charity

The project

Studio Perazza has realized the second edition of the official calendars of Benetton Rugby, De Longhi Treviso Basket and this year we have been honored to see also the Panters of Imoco volley partecipating to the project. The official calendars have the same charity purpose of the first time. All the funds collected from the selling of the calendars will be donated to the no-profit Association Coloriamoci APS and delivered to the Children's Hospital of Treviso and Conegliano Veneto - Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana. This year, the project obtained the sponsorship and support of the Municipality of Treviso.


The shots with the athletes of Benetton Rugby have been realized in two iconic place of Treviso: the modern Museo Bailo and Fornace Guerra Gregorj, where the players has posed as sculptures. The athletes of Treviso Basket brought their sport in the city using the most beautiful corners of Treviso as location for their actions. Finally, the panthers of Imoco Volley, dressed of flowers that reflects their femininity.

Calendario Perazza 2019


Photo, Graphic Design