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Calendari Perazza 2020

Calendario Perazza 2020 has been realized with Federazione Italiana Rugby, Benetton Rugby, De' Longhi Treviso Basket and Imoco Volley for the third edition, born as a charity project to collect funds to sustain projects connected to children. The Official Calendar of the male and female National Rugby Team #INSIEME2020 has been realized with the participation of the players to collect funds for new projects born from the collaboration between FIR and Save the Children to bring this sport in the so called "Punti Luce" of six Italian cities, educational spaces in needy quarters where Save the Children proposes educational and sport activities.
The official calendars of Benetton Rugby, De' Longhi Treviso Basket and Imoco Volley achieved the sponsorship of the Municipality of Treviso and all the funds collected will be devolved to IOV - Istituto Oncologico Veneto to buy new components of a software useful for the precision radiotherapy of the cerebral cancers on the children. The three calendars mix together sport, with the athletes, with a specific mood: pop, colored and surreal, to create oneiric settings that will follow you, month after month, for the whole 2020.
The shots of the calendar have been realized through different and personalized settings, after a long phase of concept. Then, the phase of editing that, kind of transformed some shots in colored and pop graphics.
The 2020 Imoco Volley Calendar won an important award in the Mediastar Award, the projects won the first place in the Socio-Cultural Category

Calendario Perazza 2020


Graphic Design, Photo